Only $2.99 – the album that got it all started! And still sounding as fresh as it did in 2009. Get it here in any digital format you like, including Apple Lossless, FLAC or even WAV. This is so that you can hear all of the aural quality, and the love that we put into making it. The digital download is also DRM free, which means you can share it without worrying that iTunes will delete it. We actively encourage sharing, too. So go ahead and let all your friends have a copy.

Monjour does not compete in the loudness wars. It has been mastered to preserve the dynamics and excitement of the original mixes. Therefore, for maximum aural pleasure, we advise that you turn it up REALLY FREAKIN’ LOUD.

Released 20 November 2009. Produced by Paul Russell and Cass Anawaty. All rights reserved


Romy Benton: bamboo flutes
Steve Gorn: bansuri
Jenny Bird: vocals
Jeff Leonard: fretless and nylon bass
Don Latarski: funk guitar, baritone ukelele
Geoff Oakes: saxophone
Jehanne Phares Hakime: recitation
Cass Anawaty: acoustic and electric guitars, fretless guitar, piano solos, various synths and synth programming, otherworldly textural processing.
Paul Russell: acoustic and electric guitars, electric bass, various keys, synth and rhythm programming, tamborine, cover design and photography.

Recorded at Sunbreak Music, Oregon USA and Calamity Studio, Singapore.

Mixed in the box at Calamity Studio by Paul.
Mastered out of the box at Sunbreak Music by Cass

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