Analog Universe

Choose any digital format you like, including Apple Lossless, FLAC or even WAV. This is so that you can hear all of the aural quality, and the love that we put into making it. The digital download is also DRM free, which means you can share it without worrying that iTunes will delete it. We actively encourage sharing, too. So go ahead and let all your friends have a copy.

It’s a laid back album in the post-rock genre. So it’s great for driving, dinner parties, yoga, relaxing at home (with headphones especially), in a coffee shop in Amsterdam, or in Washington or Colorado USA.

Recorded at Sunbreak Music, Portland, Oregon USA and Calamity Studio, KL, Malaysia and Singapore. Mixed and Mastered by Paul and Cass at Sunbreak Music.
Cover design and photography by Paul.
All tracks ©2012 Cass Anawaty / Paul Russell. All rights reserved.
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We also advise that, in the interests of audiophile purity and for maximum aural pleasure, you turn your system up REALLY FREAKIN’ LOUD.

released 11 November 2012
These pieces were lovingly handcrafted by:
Cass Anawaty: acoustic and electric guitars, piano solos, various synths and synth programming, otherworldly textural processing.
Paul Russell: primitive acoustic, bass and electric guitars, various keys, synth, groove and rhythm programming.
Don Latarski: the awesome Lead Guitar parts on Analog Universe and the track we left off.
Jeff Leonard: some beautifully fluid Bass on too many tracks to list here. You’ll notice him.
Romy Benton: Prescient Flute (ask us later)
Charley Langer: Sax on Imaginary Noir
Benjy Wertheimer: Esraj on A Space in Time
Peter Hollens: Vocals on A Space in Time
Dale Bradley: Cello on Deep Sighting and Theme for Imaginary Noir
Mark Zonder: Drums on Another Worldly

Many thanks to everyone who has helped and encouraged since we released Monjour, including: Randy Copus, John Shanahan, Renée Blanche, David Helpling, Michael Hoppé, Bruce Swedien, Ramsees Mechan, Brian Walker, Ed McGlaughlin, Jeff Markham, Dave Pittinger, Howard Givens, Barry Butler, Rod Nattrass, Dennis Jones, the TOP crew and all our friends and fans.

This album is dedicated to Megan and Brice, Amanda, Michael and Connor.

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